Clayton NXT - Loralei

• Bedrooms: 3 • Full Baths: 2 • Square Feet: 1,580 • Dimensions: 28'x60'

From the inside of this home, Clayton NXT has strived to bring you a home that is attractive and functional, with a modern design and sustainable energy efficiency.
This home is definitely one to last you and your family for years to come.  

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*Pricing is subject to change at any time. Texoma Homes do not sell, deliver, install, service, or warranty homes shown on this website. Texoma Homes is a personal blog/library created by Me (Ben A). I am a sales consultant at Hench's Country Liv'n Homes in Denison, TX. If you would like more information about purchasing a home from me please click on the blue "Request Quote" button directly below this. At this time homes are only available in Texas or Oklahoma. 



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