Jessup Washington

• Bedrooms: 4 • Full Baths: 2 • Square Feet: 1,920 • Dimensions: 32'x64'

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The Jessup Washington is a spacious and modern home that offers a comfortable living experience. With 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, this house provides ample space for a family or for those who enjoy having guests over. The house boasts a total of 1920 square feet, making it spacious and roomy.

The exterior of the house features low E thermal pane windows, a steel front door with a full view storm, and a cottage rear door. The vinyl siding and comp roof add to the house's durability, while the whole house wrapped in OSB provides extra protection. The 5" lineal trim and 16" on center 2x8 floor joist ensure the house is sturdy and well-built.

The interior of the house is equally impressive, with 8-foot flat ceilings and a beamed ceiling in the living room. The hand-laid vinyl plank flooring adds to the modern aesthetic, and the 52" brushed nickel ceiling fan in the living room provides a comfortable breeze. The brushed nickel glass light fixtures in all bedrooms and LED flush-mounted ceiling lights in the hallway give the house a warm and inviting feel.

The kitchen features a 42" overhead cabinet system and 3/4" hardwood cabinet doors, providing ample storage space. The lined overhead cabinets and lined center shelf in base cabinets make it easy to organize your kitchen supplies. The white farmhouse kitchen sink with a spring-loaded faucet is both practical and stylish, while the 4 LED flush-mounted ceiling lights provide ample lighting for cooking and dining.

The appliances in the house are all high-quality and modern, including an 18 cubic foot frost-free black refrigerator, a 30" black electric range, a black dishwasher, and a stainless steel/glass Vent-A-Hood. The 30-gallon dual-element high-efficiency water heater ensures you always have hot water when you need it.

The bathrooms in the house are also impressive, with a 72" deck tub with cab door access to plumbing, a 48" fiberglass shower with glass doors, and dual ceramic lavs in the master bath. The LED flush-mounted ceiling lights over the shower, tub, and lav and the brushed nickel metal faucets with lever handles add to the luxurious feel of the bathrooms.

The utility room features total electric with 200 amp service, an exterior outlet front door side, water shut-offs at toilets only, and a master water shut-off valve in the utility.

The house is well-insulated, with R-21 blown fiberglass roof (formaldehyde-free), R-11 fiberglass insulation in walls (kraft back), and R-11 fiberglass insulation in floors.

Overall, the Jessup Washington is a beautiful and functional house that provides comfort, style, and practicality.




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