Solitaire Presidio

Solitaire Presidio

• Bedrooms: 4 • Full Baths: 2.5 • Square Feet: 1,856 • Dimensions: 32'x58'

I wanted to show this limited floor plan and talk a bit about the manufacturing plant that built this home. This double wide is not built in the Deming, NM plant like the rest of the Solitaire double wides. The home was actually built in the Presidio, TX plant as the name suggests. The Presidio plant is primarily the single-wide manufacturing plant for Solitaire. At this plant, they utilize what I am calling a "Production Run" style of manufacturing. That means they build a specific amount of homes per floor plan and distribute them to all of the Solitaire Direct and Independent dealers. The homes are typically built in order from the largest floor plan down to the smallest. Homes built in the "Production Run" are designed by the manufacturer and are not able to be specially ordered or changed. We have a limited but consent supply of the Solitaire single wides. While maintaining these runs, Solitaire will add limited production runs of double wides, like the Presidio in this video. These floor plans are not advertised on the Solitaire website but are available from time to time. The FP 150 porch model started as a limited run and is now built 2-3 times a year. The newest limited-run home we received was the Solitaire 248.

Thank you for watching and learning about the Presidio, both the manufacturing plant and the home carrying its name.

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Solitaire Presidio Floor Plan


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