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Join us as we tour homes built by some of the top manufacturers in the industry. Click below "Available Now" to view homes ready to be delivered to Texas or Oklahoma.
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$hop In Stock
$hop In Stock
Browse current in stock inventory. These homes are on the ground and available for delivery to Texas or Oklahoma. Serious Inquiries please Contact Us texomahomes.net/contact/
Solitaire Homes
Solitaire Homes
Solitaire Homes: Manufactured Homes in NM, OK, and TX | Solitaire Homes is the nation’s leader in manufactured home construction and sales. We have a reputation for and commitment to exceptional quality and craftsmanship in every home that we build here at Solitaire. We are excited to show you what sets our amazing manufactured homes apart! We are proud to offer some of the best models of manufactured homes for sale in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico! | https://www.solitairehomes.com |
Available to Order
Available to Order
These homes are NOT on display but are available to order. This allows you to make order changes that are not available on inventory that is in stock. *Upgrade structural components *Choose from a large selection of colors and decor options *Customize a home specifically for you
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